Saturday, August 9, 2008

A learning experience....

Well, I was a little humbled today. A past customer sent me an e-mail and asked me to please remove her name. That has happened in the past and it's fine. We all have interests that come and go throughout our lives, so not a problem. As I am always looking to improve my service to all of you, I told her I would remove her name, but asked her if she would mind sharing her reason with me so I could improve my service if need be. She said she was not interested in stamping anymore (can you imagine? just kidding). She then said my e-mails really came too frequently. I just felt bad. I am thankful for her honesty as I know if she said it, others think it. There are so many exciting things happening with Stampin' Up!. In trying to keep everyone informed and in my excitement, I guess I send out too much.

Instead of moping, here is what I will do. I will take her constructive criticism to heart and change a few things. E-mails will be sent out once a month only (I will try). My website and blog will be kept up to date for you to check out classes and new announcements. So if you want to know all the happenings, please check back often.

I value each of you, whether you are an avid stamper/scrapbooker or a once or twice a year kind of girl. Please send your opinions my way and I'll do my best to serve you the best I can!! Thank you for your support over the years.

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