Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just thought I would quickly update you on what's going on. My parents put the family home up for sale on January 2. Nothing was happening for quite some time, which seemed a bit normal for the times, but also frustrating for my parents. The end of August, an offer was given.

At the same time, the offer was given, my mom had fallen on her knees on a tile floor and broke a kneecap~OUCH! While she was in the hospital recovering, the papers were brought to her to sign and she was told the new owners wanted to be in the house by October 1st. Whoa!

Long story short, September was spent cleaning out the family home. There were so many emotions to deal with, along with a lot of work cleaning out. The actual selling process was a nightmare as the closing date was changed three different times plus there were a few other 'messy' issues with the buyer :(

Praise God it is all done now and my parents found a rental home in the Outer Banks. They will be moving there on November 1st. (sigh)

So, that was September. Now, it is October and I am doing my best to jump back into my life. Oh, wait, September was life. Isn't it true that 'life is what happens while you are busy making plans'?

Stampin' Up! has so much to offer. If you haven't done so in awhile, please check out my website for ideas and new products. I would absolutely love to set up a date to present a workshop for you and some girlfriends. Give me a call and we can work something out!

Until next time, happy stamping and enjoy life....every day!

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