Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, I had a very unexepected weekend, to say the least. On Friday morning, I headed to Virginia with a friend for what was to be a whirlwind trip. You know, leave at 6 am and drive 7 hours, do what we needed to (too long of a story for here) and turn around an hour later and head home, hoping to arrive in PA before 9 pm. Plans are a funny thing :) Who knew the state of VA could get hit so hard with snow? Apparently, not us! About 2:30, the snow was so bad, we couldn't tell what lane we were in or if we were even in a lane. We decided to head for cover as we passed one too many accidents and stranded vehicles. Two days later, we are now home and very thankful for that. It was quite an adventure, but the Lord kept us safe and guided us to a hotel with an awesome staff that fed and cared for all of us unsuspecting travellers. Thank you to the Holiday Inn staff in Waynesboro, VA. KUDOS!!

And here's what was going on at home while I was gone. Another Kudos to my husband and older kids who kept it all running at home in my absence :)

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