Monday, November 23, 2009

My younger daughter, Naomi, has been homeschooled since day one. She is fun and vivacious and just generally a joy to be around. This year, she has made many leaps of faith. Naomi began public school in September in a school where she knew one boy (our neighbor) at the start of the year. The nerves hit her about a week before the school year began and they have subdued quite a bit by November. Her time with God every night before heading to bed has been a stronghold for her in this new adventure. My husband and I attended her parent/teacher conference today and were told what a happy child she is. Of course, we already knew this, but it is very exciting when others see it, too. As an added bonus, we now have a "My child made the honor roll' sticker to put on our car :)

In addition, she also ventured out and auditioned for the Moravian College Christmas Vespers child solo. When the letter arrived letting us know she will be singing Morning Star for two services, she was both excited and nervous. One service was held yesterday afternoon and she did very well. Her second performance will be December 4th at the Moravian Church in Bethlehem. I'm proud of you, Naomi!

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