Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun times amongst the sickness

The stomach bug has hit my home~~UGH! It seems to be one or two at a time, making this a long week. But, it will be over soon, so all is well :)

Josiah needed to jump into the picture :)

Christine is German and moved to Allentown about 6 years ago due to her husband's job. I met Christine and her daughter, Jessica, at the library when both of our girls were in a reading club together. One thing led to another and I ended up doing what I like to call an international workshop in her home. Most of the women there were from other countries, here due to work situations. Christine and her family have since moved back to Germany, but she is in the US for a few weeks right now to visit.

It was my privilege to have her over yesterday to chat about our families, and of course, stamping. She is looking to start some basic stamping classes in Germany and wanted some tips. And yes, Stampin' Up! is now in Germany with a catalog of their own.

My new Build-a-Bear Workshop stamps arrived on Tuesday, so I began to stamp some images from them. Naomi spotted them and asked if she could do the coloring. I am in charge of the September birthday cards for my church and these cards will be used for the children. Tonight, I took what Naomi did and matched up the colors to complete the cards and I think they came out pretty darn cute~~LOL

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