Sunday, June 7, 2009

A wonderful Sunday...

As I sit here at the computer, I feel such a feeling of peace. The birds are outside chirping and the kids are busy playing in the yard.

This morning started by all of us leaving to go to church together. Due to my husband's A/V responsibilities at our church, it is very rare that we all leave for church in one car at the same time, but today was one of those rare treats. In Sunday School, our previous pastor began a new class on what the Bible says about some very current issues. I'm really looking forward to this summer session.

After church, we went home, changed clothes (well, most of us), gave the little one a nap, ate lunch and then headed out to Spencer's baseball game. In the past four games or so, Spencer has been hit by the pitcher once during each game. This means he automically gets to go to first base, but I would really rather have him hit the ball than the other way around. Less painful. Well, today he nailed it and got a double. He was so excited and we were all happy for him.

Grammy and Pop-Pop game to the game, also and then invited the kids to sleep over at their cottage tonight. I'll be leaving shortly to take three of the kids to hang out with their grandparents until morning. The oldest would like to go, but her job now dictates some of her previous free time. The little one is so ready for bed and it's only 6:00!!

Those of us staying home are going to enjoy a little Chinese food outside while we appreciate the rest of the gorgeous day.

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