Sunday, June 21, 2009

My week with lots of little people...

Tomorrow morning is the first day of our church's Bible School and Day Camp. The preschool kids have a 1/2 day program and the school aged kids are there from 9-3. This is the first year in quite awhile that I have no child participating in the preschool session (the children are 3-6 yr. olds)!! But, I will be there for the morning teaching the little ones songs that praise God. The theme is Moses and the 10 Commandments and we really try to drill the 'children, obey your parents' part :)

The whole program is outside, so as little rain as possible would be helpful, but we have no control over that. I am only there for the morning, but I need to run back at 3:00 to pick up my older kids from their program, 2 will be attending and 2 will be working as teen helpers. I don't get much done at home during Bible School week, but it's only a week and everyone loves the change of scenery.

I hope you enjoy your week!

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