Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Leadership began in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, Jan. 7th. The excitement is so contagious; there's nothing like it. This picture is actually from the last day, but I just wanted to share the crowd.

On Thursday evening, Stampin' Up! treated all managers and above to an evening at Universal Studios Super Hero park. The incredible buffet of food and the thrill of the rides was outstanding. This is me with my new demo friend, Heide. She is from California and the two of us just clicked and enjoyed each other's company for the evening.

Okay, there are so many things about Leadership that I enjoy, but this is one of my favorite. Each day, we are presented with a delectable lunch plate. One day was this cold plate and the next day was a full hot dinner. Being served a beautiful, sit down meal is just such a treat to a mom of five busy kids. It was such an 'aaahhh' moment each day at lunch!!! Thank you Stampin' Up! for all you do for us :)

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