Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day was wonderful! We all came downstairs around 7:30 in the morning and each of us claimed a spot on the sofas or on the floor. Marissa grabbed the camera (taking pictures has become her job) and we handed out the stockings. Inside the stockings, the kids found socks, gum, a little chocolate here and there, some jewelry for the girls, Propel drink packs, pencils, etc. --each individually wrapped.

When we finished with that fun tradition, Jeff cleaned up the wrappings and Spencer pulled out the Bible. Each year, before we open our gifts under the tree, Jeff reads the true Christmas story. This year, Spencer asked if he could do the honor. It was great to see him take pride in that 'job'. Well done, Spence!

The youngest child that can read dispurses gifts. One by one, Hayden picked up a gift under the tree and handed it to the correct person and we all watched as he/she opened the wrappings. Jeff and I love to see the kids get excited over the simplest things.

My husband and kids totally surprised me this year with the gifts they poured on me. Jeff gave me a wooden ink pad, marker and ribbon holder to hang on my stamp room wall and Spencer made window treatments for my stamp room!! My thoughtful men :) Naomi also knows I love pillows, lots of them, so she sewed two throw pillows for my bed and she handstitched ribbon on the front. Of course, Grammy and Pop-Pop helped the kids out with their gifts, but they assured me that they were only there to guide!

We headed to my parents house around 11:00 for brunch and more gift exchanging with aunts, uncles and cousins. It was a good time with those that gathered there. Dixie, my parents' dog, quickly became Josiah's best friend. That dog is so patient with him and Josiah just loved on him all day!

Tired, but happy, we all arrived back home around 6:00 to unload, clean up a bit and then watch The Polar Express in 3-D (our gift to all the kids).

Well, that's our Christmas Day in a nutshell. I'm looking forward to a very relaxing next couple of days before we begin to get ready for our trip to Florida :) Merry Christmas to all; May God receive all the glory in the coming year!

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Tomh said...

I love how you guys read the Christmas story from the Bible before opening gifts. It's extremely easy for us, even as born again Christians, to forget that Christmas is all about God sending his Son in to this world to show us how to live and save us from our sins. Merry Christmas Kuhns family and a Happy New Year!!!

- Tom