Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just some personal stuff...

August is quite the celebrating month for our family. On August 3rd, our fourth child turned 6 and is quite excited to be out of the church's preschool class now and moving onto the Primary Department. In our family, we have birthday parties every other year to make life a little less hectic for mom :) This was a non-party year for most. On the non party year, the birthday child gets to choose his/her place to go out to eat as a family. As soon as I returned home from the airport (this was the day I returned from convention), we all headed to Friendly's and enjoyed the food and each other's company.

On August 4th, Jeff and I celebrated 18 years together. The two of us went to Musikfest and enjoyed the Boston concert. I'll admit, I was tired and had a bit of a headache when we got there, but just to hang out by ourselves for the night was really nice.

August 24th was a much anticipated date all summer!! Our oldest, Marissa, turned 16! We were able to pull off a surprise party for her right on her actual birthdate. She absolutely loves the beach and hopes to get to Hawaii some day and possibly live there for a bit (remember our dreams?). The big celebration was poolside at her aunt's and uncle's home and grass skirts, palm trees, flowers, and incredible friends made it an awesome day. Speaking of her friends, she (and us) has been blessed with some really great ones. This is always something I have prayed about for my kids.

So, that's all for now..... our littlest one turns one on Sept. 26th. Yikes, the time goes so fast and yet we have all been enjoying him (well most days).

Talk to you soon!

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